Valkyrie Under-dress

My concept for the Valkyrie outfit is that of an ethereal, not quite there creature. The under-dress is very simple, and I plan to dye it blue from the top down, so the ‘image’, as it were, will be in focus at the top and fade away into grey towards the hem.

I used Butterick 4827, view A, in a lightweight grey linen.

Apart from my usual grading between pattern sizes, I only made two major pattern modifications. The first was to raise the neckline, since this will be going under chainmail and metal gets hot. The second was to line the bodice instead of doing facings. For this I made patterns of just the top half of the main dress pieces and sewed them in as one would a facing. After turning it all the right way out I basted the two layers together at the armholes and inserted the sleeves as normal. I also lengthened the bodice by an inch, and shortened the skirt by two inches.

The pattern went together very well. I was slightly mystified by the lacing system on the back, but I followed the instructions and it seems like it will work. I have not yet added the grommets since I am going to dye the dress. I would usually cut off the train, but I left it this time since this is meant to portray an ethereal fantasy being, and trains add to that effect. If I get annoyed with it I can always cut it off later!

More to come on dyeing the finished dress.


Valkyrie 1
Piece 2 shows my grading line from size 10 at the top, to 8 at the waist, and out to 12 at the hip. Piece 4 shows the other side of the same seam cut out.
Valkyrie 2
Ready to cut. The white pieces are my lining. You can also see the added inch at the waist and the fold on the main dress pieces where I took it up two inches on the length.
Valkyrie 4
The interesting lacing mechanism. I will add grommets after the dress is dyed.
Valkyrie dress predying1
Finished dress, front. It fits me better than the dress form!
Valkyrie dress predyeing2
Finished dress, back, with the lacing bit pinned for now.

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