Margaery Tyrell

For Halloween 2016 my department at work decided to do Game of Thrones, and I chose Margaery Tyrell. I love her dresses and was dying for an excuse to make one. My version is a combination of several of her blue/turquoise dresses: the v-neckline, halter, contrast waistband, flowing skirt with overlay, and gold rose belt.

The bodice is McCalls 6745, view A/B,  modified to have a lower back and deeper V neckline. The skirt is Butterick 3134, view C, cut long. I also moved the zip to the side, instead of the back.

The bodice fabric is a fabulous silk brocade, which was very expensive and absolutely worth it. It has more green/grey undertones than blue, so I went for a dark green satin skirt with grey chiffon overlay.

The rose belt is made of floral stems and a white rose, spray-painted gold. I did my hair up in lots of curls, but my hair is not as long as Margaery’s so I cheated by leaving the underneath completely loose. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the back.

Overall I am pleased with this one. It is definitely ‘inspired by’ rather than a replica, but I think it is certainly a dress Margaery would wear. And, if I take off the rose belt, I can also wear it as a modern evening gown.

Butterick 3134
McCall’s 6745
M 1
M 5
M 6
M 2
The finished dress.

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