My Saturday night outfit for the 2016 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball was Daybreak, using my yellow 1910s dress as a base. I lit up the skirt, added a cloak, jewellery and a crown.

The cloak is Simplicity 1582, view D, which is actually the same as the older Simplicity 9887. The pattern went together very easily. The only alteration I made was to reshape the shoulder seam because I have more of a slope to my shoulders.

I used a peach glitter mesh with silver flowers printed on it, and though it is gorgeous I now remember why I usually avoid glitter fabrics. I am still finding glitter in my room a year later… I sewed beaded upholstery trim into the diagonal seams front and back, and tacked pink and peach flowers around the hem. More of the same flowers went in my hair.

To light up the skirt I tacked two strings of tiny led lights to the yellow cotton layer of the skirt. Each string had a largish battery pack, so I made a bag to hide these in which I sewed securely through the belt to the waistline of the dress. The bag uses my regency reticule pattern, and is the yellow cotton with peach lace overlay. I lined it with white duck canvas so that the weight of the battery packs would not distort the shape. Instead of tassels, I used some of the beads from the upholstery trim on the cloak.

The crown and arm thingy are green floral wire and glass pearls. The arm thingy sort of worked, but got irritating so I took it off fairly early in the evening. The crown worked surprisingly well however. I drew the shape of the four points on paper and made each one separately. Then I attached them all to a circle and added some twiddly bits to look like vines. I also added some cross wires to give myself more options when pinning it to my head. I used a small braid to anchor it, and to keep my hair out of my face.

The necklace and earrings are the same peach and yellow glass pearls, and the earrings use the same sequence of colours and sizes as each point on the crown. I made the necklace quite short so it would be seen above the ties of the cloak.

simplicity 1582
The new version
simplicity 9887
The old version


The reticule
The necklace and crown
The arm thingy. You can also see some of my sketches for the crown.



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